Instant Pot Official Round Cake Pan, 7-Inch

  • The instant pot cake pan can be used for cooking, baking,serving, and storing .
  • The pan is adjusted to be able to come straight from the freezer and into the instant pot
  • The pan has a perfect fit for 6-quart and 8-quart cookers
  • The pan is made of stainless steel


The instant pot pan changed the way that many home chefs cook. The pan with great design so you can use it with your instant pot. you can really make the best out of your instant pot.
with the pan you are able to make many deserts such as brownies, ice cream, or cheesecakes. you are also able to make delicious meals, and savory snacks. using the pan preparing and cooking together with your instant pot takes you to an entire new modern level.


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