Accessories Set for Instant Pot 5,6,8 Qt

101 instant pot Accessories. set with all the things you need.
Includes: steamer baskets
. springform pan
.steamer rac. egg rack
. Egg cutter
.egg ring
.egg whisk
. egg bites mold
. dish plate clip
. spatula
. kitchen tong
.silicone pad
. silicone scrubber
. silicone oven mitts
. magnetic sheets
. cook recipes.
high-grade certified silicone, odor free stainless steel, and dishwasher safe instant pot accessories.
The instant pot provides healthier and easier cooking methods.
You can bake and cook many varieties of foods with the instant pot accessories.
The accessories give you the ability to reheat multiple items at once saving time.
The accessories are a complete set of things you will need to make the most out of your wonderful little kitchen appliance.
 The instant pot accessories are a Great Gift Idea Perfect for Birthdays, Christmas and other special holidays


The 101 instant pot accessories are set to help make food quicker and easier.

with the accessories you are able to make varieties of foods using one little kitchen appliance.

The accessories are safe, durable and odor free stainless steel.

As well as the electric pressure cooker accessories, they meet the US Food-Grade standards.

The instant pot accessories also lets you steam cook food, and this is one of the best cooking choices as it remains up to 90% nutrient in your food.


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